rap diablo, el niño sucio guapo spitting like i’m rambo
and moving like el chapo we still in spain
so we really drink gazpacho cause everybody is talking
but nobody knows where i’m from family from toronto

shout out tory and umbrella we always keep it chilly
mami mueve tus caderas rolling with my homies
smoking maria drinking codeine siping codeine
we on party until the morning

working on the day light moving on the midnight
see me going damn high see me winning this fight
mamma in the kitchen cleaning dishes cooking meat
i swear to god mum imma get rich imma buy you a new crib

niño que tu quieres billetes de cienes
la mama en la cocina los platos las sartenes
fuego grito el niño el bloque esta que arde
somos bandoleros putos como el abayarde

diez en cada pierna y veinte en sus caderas
se movió conmigo y ahora ella es bandolera
rolling with the smokers got my twist like rollercoasters
catch me doing donuts got contacts in every postes

oye pollo basta ya de tonterías si quieres criticar haz lo a la cara y de día
no me mande a sus amigos atacando por el facebook
a pussy is a pussy and you hate me
cause you hate you so now ask you

you really wanna test me bro cause i got homies
and they really wanna set you off its not my problem
that your girl just wanna sex me bro

and now your homie pussies all are gonna let you alone
burst fire and i’m done lets go eat mcdonalds
like im eating all this mc’s flows
i got bananas i ain’t talking but no panties hoes
i know you thirsty bitch i notice when you wanna fuck

yeah keloke por eso me llaman diablo
thats why they call me diablo in this bitch
(diablo ya) yo so baked on the street
bitch im doing neat trynna don’t get into troubles
bro you know that im a g

but mama love the kids so i got to keep her alive
cause she’s everything i got if i die she gonna be ill
se que es lo que pasa me criticais un dia
pero saco un tema y vais corriendo detras mia
el rubio se enfado su chica a mi me preferia

primero era un apoyo y ahora dice tonterías
so you know that we turn up on spain we run up
all this bitches on us pop the pussy go hard
try to copy my style call me young designer
all i rock is self-made how you can compare that

oh shit im off this lyrically on top speed
bambi like a bambi rocking with no gold rings
bitch i got the poison this got you on slow mo
we say fuck the po pos drinking and we loco

suelto chispa fuego me pulo todo el juego
lo que tu haces hoy yo me lo hice hace un huevo
crudo como el ruedo rudo como un sueco
no vayas de narco si no puedes mantenerlo
fuck, dale candela!